The Performance Power Grid, Business Theory Book

by David F. Giannetto & Anthony Zecca.  Hardcover; 187 pages, Illustrated, Wiley (October 20, 2006)

Performance Power Grid uses the metaphor of an actual electrical grid to explain how business leaders can maximize the way their people interact and work together. It offers a framework that helps managers channel the energy of employees into the proper tasks, processes, and projects, leading to higher productivity and more team focus on the jobs that truly matter.

The genius of an electrical power grid is that it automatically channels one of our most critical resources to the exact locations where it is most needed. A power grid allows us to take energy for granted, and to consider it limitless—even though it isn't. Behind the scenes the grid is in constant flux, constantly assessing, prioritizing, and shifting the focus of this limited resource away from lesser problems to solve the greater ones. But power within our organizations remains the same. People have a limited amount of time and energy; organizations have a limited amount of resources—and they can both run out. When they do, the result is often an organization-wide critical meltdown.

 The solution is almost too logical. Organizations need their own power grid—constantly assessing their performance, shifting focus away from the daily fires, and redirecting it toward those things that truly drive performance. Such a grid would constantly aid them in executing tactics that achieve greater strategic objectives—all in real time.

The Performance Power Grid offers that solution, and captures this central idea in its genuine reform of American business management methodology. David Giannetto, widely considered one of today's most well-versed leaders and experienced practitioners in the business performance management arena, and Anthony Zecca, partner-in-charge of one the nation's largest consulting firms, clearly and quickly describe how an organizational power grid is created and how it works to affect change. The power grid is much more than business theory—it will work within your organization and a variety of diverse business environments where it has already yielded compelling results.

This revolutionary, market-proven approach bridges the gap between strategy and execution and redefines the measurement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Blending a practical methodology and today's latest enterprise performance management technology, the power grid paints a clear picture of performance at all levels of the organization—from the boardroom to the cubicle, from accounting and finance to the edge of the enterprise—and promises to change the very nature of business management.

The Performance Power Grid, Business Theory Book
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